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New Summit coach wants intensity this summer

All-district running back Derek Johnson is among several standout players inherited by new Summit head coach Channon Hall.
All-district running back Derek Johnson is among several standout players inherited by new Summit head coach Channon Hall.

As you might expect, new Summit football coach Channon Hall is looking forward to his first season with the school, but not so much that he wants the summer to fly by.

“The summer is a big part of what we do, so I don’t want to rush through the summer,” Hall said. “I want to have a good, intense summer. I want the kids to get faster and stronger and get to know the new coaching staff.”

Hall arrived in Mansfield in early March to take the reins from Travis Pride, who left for the coaching vacancy at Trophy Club Byron Nelson. From the first day Hall walked through the doors, he was impressed with what he saw.

“I liked the mentality of the kids and the way they worked and just the competitive level those guys were at and how good they want to be,” He said. “It just jumped right out at me.”

Hall and his staff, some new and some held over, quickly got to work analyzing the team personnel and getting ready for spring football.

“The way video is these days and what we do in the weight room and all that, you get a good grasp,” Hall noted about learning his players. “Along with the current staff who gave good feedback and insight into the players, you compile all that together and knowing what I’m looking for, it was kind of easy to tell.”

The new coach insisted there wasn’t a steep learning curve involved on either his part or the players, and that the staff was able to install everything they intended to in spring drills. Those things will carry over into the summer workouts, which of course are left to the players and strength coaches.

One of the more notable elements of summer football in Texas is the 7-on-7 competitions. Coaches have a range of opinions on how important 7-on-7 can be, and like the others, Hall has his view.

“The 7-on-7 to me is like open gym,” he said. “It’s not going to make or break our football team. But, it is a good time to see our players compete and fly around and bond together. I think that’s the biggest thing. What we do, you’re not going to see it in 7-on-7, but from a competitive standpoint you always like to get out there and compete, whether it’s playing cards or playing pool or 7-on-7.”

Since head coaches are so limited during the summer by UIL regulations, the program is sort of on autopilot until two-a-days get rolling. Until then, Hall hopes everyone simply continues to get more and better acquainted.

“The tradition and pride at Summit High School is tremendous,” he said. “Kids expect to win and think they’re going to win, so the kids will do whatever it takes for them to do so. Coach Pride and his staff have done a great job to this point. Nothing was really broke when we got in there. We just had to change some things to fit our personality. The transition was great.”