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Eagles 8-2 in district but coach notes room for improvement

The Lake Ridge boys basketball team improved to 8-2 in district competition with a four-point victory over Red Oak on Friday night, and coach Donte Wilson said he sees definite room for improvement for his team.

Lake Ridge played Summit on Tuesday night after the press deadline and will square off with Timberview at 8 p.m. on Friday at Timberview High School in a game Wilson said his team should have its work cut out for it. See for results.

“That will be a tough game, just like the last time we played them,” Wilson said. “It could go either way, and we've got to make sure that we are playing our best basketball. We've got to make sure that we put the best Lake Ridge team available out there on the floor, because it will be a tough one.”

Even with a 52-48 victory against Red Oak on Friday night, Wilson said that it was not a perfect effort from his team in the win.

“We could have done a lot of things better,” Wilson said on Saturday. “In fact, today in practice, we did. But for whatever reason, we just weren't as sharp as we should have been.”

Wilson did not go into specifics about where the team needs to improve, but said that at 8-2 in district competition heading into the Summit game on Tuesday night, his team could be worse off.

“It think we're in a good spot, but there's always room for improvement,” Wilson said. “And that's really all that we're focusing on is the things that we can do better. That's what we're looking for every day, is to fix something or to improve on something every day.”

Wilson said he did have a couple of players come up with big games against Red Oak.

“Ryan Woolridge is playing well as usual,” Wilson said. “We had a guy step up huge for us (Friday) night; Tyrone Hugue played really well for us last night. We're looking for him to come around for us.”

Wilson said he does believes his team is feeling pretty good about itself as the season moves forward.

“I think they are pretty confident,” Wilson said. “But I think they also know that we have some tough games left in district, and we're not looking past anybody.”

Over at Summit, the Jaguars defeated Waxahachie by a score of 81-73 on Friday night to move to 8-2 in district competition as well.

Lovell Cabbill scored 24 points, and Terrance Hubby scored 20 points in the game to the lead the way for the Jaguars.

Larenz Lester scored 12 points in the game for the Jags.