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Jaguars making history

The Summit boys soccer team made history on Friday with a victory in the third round of the playoffs over Cleburne, as it has advanced further than any other boys soccer team in school history.

Summit defeated Cleburne by a score of 1-0 in a game that coach David McDonald said was quite dynamic, and at times, a little unnerving.

“We played a good game,” McDonald said. “Cleburne's a good team, and right from the start, they played a very defensive-minded game. I talked to some of the coaches who had played them, and I can see why they were successful. They won their district.

“They are really kind of a counter-attacking team. They really pack their defense in. Most of the time, they had five guys back on defense. They started that way, and it was kind of one of those things of playing to not lose.”

McDonald said that Cleburne's strategy in the game nearly worked.

“The goal that we got came off of a penalty kick in the last three and half minutes of the game,” McDonald said. “We thought that we would be going to overtime. They were defending really well, and they had a great goalkeeper. One of my guys was taken down, and Matt Vafee took the kick and that was it. We bucked down and just kept the ball away from the goal.”

McDonald said that confidence is high on the team right now, and said that he is really trying to get his guys to follow the same game plan each night out.

“The thing that I keep telling them is that it's just one game,” McDonald said. “We don't have to beat this team two out of three times, we just have to get out there and find a way to win a game within 80 minutes. That's all there is to it. If they can get out and create chances and take advantage of those chances, they've got a good shot.”

Reflecting on the season to a whole at this point, McDonald said that even if the season ends, he definitely believes it has been a success.

“We've performed above and beyond the expectations that we had heading into the season,” McDonald said. “Just because we were so young. I told them after the game that they have gotten as far as any team has gone, and nobody would have pegged us for that this year ... they are in that mode now where they believe they are as good as anybody else out there.”

Summit played Trophy Club Nelson on Tuesday after the press deadline. See for results.