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Jaguars, Eagles clash in playoffs

The Summit boys basketball team advanced to the regional quarterfinals on Friday with a 75-65 victory over Texarkana and found itself in a very familiar position as a result.

The Jaguars squared off with Lake Ridge on Tuesday after the press deadline in a third game for the two teams, the first two of which were won by Summit.

The game was played after the press deadline; see for results.

The Jaguars defeated Texarkana 75-65 on Friday night in what head coach Jason Mutterer called a pretty good all around game for his team.

“They are a very good basketball team that has a wonderful record on the season,” Mutterer said. “We really played well. We shared the ball well on offense and played well enough on defense to build a 23 point lead in the game. The fourth quarter hits and their kids got it down, but we beat a very good basketball team.”

Terrance Hubby led the team in scoring with 25 points, while Corinthian Ramsey scored 22 points and Lovell Cabbil added 10 points in the game.

Keilyn Nance, Vernon Scott, Doug Palacio, Keion Scofield, Jaired Coleman and Devonta Nichols combined for 16 points in the game.

Mutterer said he believes that his team is firing on all cylinders right now.

“I think we are starting to share the ball really, really well and trust one another on the offensive end of the court,” he said. “We've really stressed getting stops on the defensive end of the court, because a lot of times those stops can lead to transition buckets.

“We've done a good job of making stops and getting back down the court. We've also shot the ball decently in the last two basketball games as well.”

Mutterer said if his team wants to continue to advance in the postseason, it will take a couple of things.

“Every round that we go deeper in the playoffs, we play better defensive teams, so we have to continue to get quality shots,” Mutterer said. “We have to continue to pay good defense ourselves and be unselfish.”

Jacob Van led the team in scoring with 23 points, while Isaak Rowe added 15 points in the game.

Ryan Woolridge, Julian Harris, Bryson Williams, Langdon Williams, T.J. Robinson, Keith Rowe and Oluwatinilehin Onilogbo combined for 29 points in the game.