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That awkward moment when your high school career ends

Emphasis is always on the preparation for the season, then the district schedule, and the third season – as it’s described by coaches – the playoffs.

But what happens when the playoffs spell the end of the road for all teams except for one, and jerseys are taken to the laundry room for the last time of the year?

At Timberview, five seniors have unlaced the sneakers for the last time, and for them, this time of year seems a little awkward after losing to Seguin in the playoffs.

Ugo Nwarie had a difficult time with the realization that her high school career had ended, as she left her ankles taped until the next morning and didn’t want to take off her uniform in the locker room.

“It seemed like the world had collapsed,” Nwarie said of the feeling after the loss.

“And, at 2:55 (the time for their afternoon practice), where was I supposed to go?” she said. “Where do I go and what do I do? Go home and watch TV?”

As a leading scorer and leader for the Lady Wolves, Nwarie said one of her goals was to push herself, and now that the season is over, she will find herself watching the team pick it back up in offseason shooting and workouts.

“Hey, coach, can I put on a jersey?” Nwarie said she expects to be asking of Coach Kit Martin.

Senior Lauren Godbold felt much the same way in coming to grips to the finality of their high school basketball days.

“It went extremely fast,” said Godbold, who has already spent time reflecting on the season.

Like her teammate, the weirdness of this time of year sinks in when the end of the day arrives.

“It’s so weird being home at 3:12 and not going to practice,” Godbold said. “I guess I’ll help around the house more,” she joked.

Around the house, Godbold has been surrounded by family who have played competitive basketball.

Godbold’s mother played at the University of Central Oklahoma, while her brother, David, played at Oklahoma and is now playing professionally oversees.

What Godbold feels is her extended family now is a group of young women who will now go their different ways.

“We bonded as a family and bonded as a team,” Godbold said of her Timberview teammates.

Now, Goldbold will continue offseason workouts on her own as she looks to take her game to the next level, as well.

She wants to stay busy, though, and is already suiting out on her own and starting her workouts in the weight room, said the 5-11 senior.

“The more I sit, the more I think,” Godbold said. “I think about the season and reflect on everything. At first, all I could do was think about what could I have done better.”

Select leagues will start for players this month, so there’s not much real offseason for the seniors.

“It’s very hard right now,” Godbold said of thinking about the opportunity for Timberview to have made a state tournament appearance.

“It’s more bittersweet than sad,” she said.