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Summit senior keeps coming back

Summit’s No. 10 Amber Dixon has returned from several injuries in her career.
Summit’s No. 10 Amber Dixon has returned from several injuries in her career. Special to the Star-Telegram

Summit’s Amber Dixon is back and ready to go for the upcoming basketball season. Again.

Dixon, who completely missed her sophomore season due to a left knee injury, played the first half of her junior year before injuring her right knee.

She had to miss out on the second half of last season and the Lady Jaguars’ strong run in the playoffs.

“I’m back,” Dixon said as she continued to work out in anticipation of her senior year.

The 5-8 point guard said she’s full speed now and other than occasional soreness in her knees, said that she’s good to go.

“I’m ready to be back,” Dixon said as she talked about her senior year. “I’m thinking about it a lot and I’m really wanting to be back and be stronger than before.”

While she spent the summer rehabbing her knee and getting back into shape, Dixon said the road back was easier than the first time she had to overcome adversity.

Practices will begin next week and the season will tip off on Nov. 4.

In the meantime, Dixon and her teammates are busy fine-tuning their game.

Dixon, who tends to be a guard who challenges defenses to keep her from driving to the basket, said she continues to work on her ball-handling and her shot.

“That’s my strong suit,” Dixon said of driving the lane. “But I’m a pass first type of guard. “Coach (Dawn Mailloux-Smith) wants me to shoot the ball more, but if I’m driving and there’s someone open, I’ll pass it. But if I’m open, I’ll shoot,” she said.

With her time to prepare for her final season at Summit, Dixon said she’s working to improve her outside shooting and creating more of a 3-point and mid-range shot.

Defense is an area Dixon will give special focus, as that’s been something she’s been unable to drill on as often.

But the loss of playing time hasn’t been a total washout for Dixon.

“Even though I wasn’t playing, I could watch and observe a lot and see what’s going on, on the court.” Dixon said. “That perspective was beneficial. I could see the floor more and see what we could attack and what I can do better.”

The time alongside her teammates on the bench – even though she wasn’t suited up – still afforded Dixon the opportunity to serve as a leader.

“I think I’ve always had that leader role and I was always still getting on to them about what they needed to do,” she admitted.

Dixon will be one of six seniors to help try and lead the Lady Jags back to the playoffs and potentially, a state tournament berth.

“We have a lot of work to do, but we’ll be pretty good,” Dixon said.

Dixon said she hopes to find the right college for her after her senior year, with hopes to be on the court again at the next level.

Her goals before then are to just help the team go do well – and to stay healthy.

“I’m praying to stay healthy, but I don’t focus on that,” she said.