Mansfield Opinion

More regulations not good for property owners

Well, when is enough?! The Mansfield News-Mirror article “Activists fight extending well permits” (Jan. 21, 2015 edition) shows that some people are never happy. Just last year, the City Council “beefed up its ordinance.” Well, I guess the beefing up process will go on until activists (none named in article) make it economically unfeasible for gas companies to drill.

In life, there is always someone telling you what you can do with your stuff. Our country was built and prospered because of property rights. Many residents in the great city of Mansfield benefit, and even depend on, royalties from gas leases. Landowners pay a great deal of taxes and then have to beg bureaucrats for permission to make money off of their own land. I am sure I could find something I don’t like that the activists are doing with their stuff. There are plenty of laws in place putting the oil and gas industry under state regulation. Many cities are overstepping their authority by attempting to change these rules. Let’s not be one of those over-regulators.

As you might guess, this citizen group does not speak for me and many Mansfield property owners. If you really believe in people’s property rights, you can’t be for more regulations.

Danny Ray