Mansfield Opinion

Focus on family values, not consumerism

As a longtime teacher and parent in MISD, an MPD volunteer and 16-year daily consumer in Mansfield, I am dismayed at this Wednesday's Q & A column. It asked which businesses does Mansfield not have but are needed? How about asking which city functions or services we don’t have but are needed, instead of pandering for more consumerism? A functioning, clean, large capacity animal shelter with passionate managers who implement a robust foster and rescue program that is desperately needed to stamp out the extremely high kill rate. Anchor places for families to spend time together that aren’t rooted in consumerism and seasonal availability. An expansion of the MAC and services offered. An expansion of the Mansfield library that doesn’t include a reliance on Arlington libraries to fulfill services we can’t meet. Hiring of more officers to combat the unspoken drug problem we have. Building up our food network and volunteer events. Of all the things we should be asking for, why are we focusing on rampant capitalism to get people to part with more of their money, meanwhile forgetting the family values and coherent, comprehensive quality of life that form the roots of our community?

S. Trimble