Mansfield Opinion

Reader takes exception to anonymous letter

On Nov. 19, there was an article in News-Mirror from an anonymous person. The article was in reference to Wendy Burgess not living in the Mansfield city limits, which is a requirement to be on the city council. Wendy has a thriving business here, and she probably spends more time there than at her home. Most people do that when they own their own business. Since she does own a business here, that should take priority over the rules to be a council member. Three years ago, we elected the canidate we knew would be the best, and not disappoint us. In May 2014 we re-elected who we knew would still be the best...and that was Wendy Burgess.

A person who writes a letter, chooses not to sign it...and stay anonymous for whatever personal reason (knowing it may hurt someone) just to make themself feel good, has done so in a gutless, spineless, cowardly manner. So, I'm asking the council, city manager, and mayor to take everything into consideration when you make your decision. WE WANT WENDY!

Audrey Blackmon