Mansfield Opinion

Reader thanks sales clerk for kindness

I am writing to you because I would like to share a recent experience that my family had while shopping in Mansfield. Being a single mother of a 5-year -ld, I do not expect much more than a card for my birthday. My son works hard collecting cans and gets an allowance for reading books (chores are required). He is very spend thrift and prefers to save his money. My birthday was this past Saturday, May 2, and my son explained to my parents that he had saved money and wanted to buy me a piece of jewelry for my birthday. My father took him to the Zales Outlet in Mansfield and explained what my son was looking for as well as his spending budget. My father does not recall the sale clerk’s name, but stated that she initially said that they did not have anything priced at his budget. As they thanked the lady and began to walk out, she said, “Wait a minute, I might have something.” My son was overjoyed at her selection and promptly purchased the piece of jewelry. He even had a little change left! My father set out to teach his grandson a lesson about budget and money and, in return, was able to give him a lesson far more important. A lesson he probably will not appreciate until he is much older, but one that I hope he will pass along. One of showing kindness, compassion and community spirit. Therefore, I would highlight Zales Outlet for their community spirit especially the sales lady who patiently and considerately helped a 5-year-old boy surprise his mother on her birthday. I would also like to commend Zales for hiring such an attentive and creative sales clerk. I have shared this experience with everyone!

Katie Mosteller