Mansfield News

Strong storms rip through Metroplex

A thunderstorm whipped through the Metroplex on Thursday afternoon, toppling trees and leaving thousands of residents in the dark.

Mansfield, with winds of 48 mph, was lucky, said Assistant Fire Chief Eric Peterson.

“We didn’t have any fire damage to structures,” Peterson said. “We did have grass fires and power lines arcing and catching trees and grass on fire. We had lightning strikes, but no damage.”

Mansfield firefighters did assist on a house fire in Midlothian, Peterson said.

“We did have trees come down in the wind,” he said. “It’s hard to say, but we probably had five respond to down power lines. Trees are down everywhere. If not trees, then large branches.”

A tree toppled onto a house on Dallas Street, Peterson said, breaking through the roof. Sections of wood fences could be seen lying flat across the city, too.

The brief storm dropped less than a quarter of an inch of rain on the city, according to meteorologist Lamont Bain with the National Weather Service.

There was no flooding and no one was injured in the storm, Peterson said, but a lot were left sitting in the dark.

“Right after the storm, probably a quarter of the city was without power,” he said.

By Friday morning, that number had decreased to about 600, he said. Coble Middle School did not have power Friday, so classes were canceled for the day. Coble teachers worked out of the Mansfield ISD Center for Performing Arts.

By Monday morning, power had been restored across the city, Fire Chief Barry Bondurant said.

Arlington was not as lucky, where winds reached up to 70 and 80 mph, Peterson said, uprooting large trees and leaving thousands without power.