Mansfield News

Habitat raises funds for 9th house

Organizers for Mansfield’s next Habitat for Humanity home have been pounding the pavement, collecting pledges to help fund construction costs.

And they’re getting close.

In order to start construction, local volunteers need to raise $68,000 to build the city’s ninth Habitat for Humanity home. So far, they have $56,300 pledged, but will need get the rest -- $11,700 -- pledged by Dec. 9 and all of the funds collected by Jan. 15 before Trinity Habitat for Humanity will agree to start construction in February.

No donation is too small, said Don Miller, executive pastor at First Baptist Mansfield and the lead organizer for the Mansfield volunteer group.

“In some cases, it’s $5,” Miller said. “In a lot of cases, it’s $50 or $100. We need to get a lot more people involved.”

And the local group won’t turn down donations even after they hit their goal.

“It never hurts to be over,” Miller said. “If we raise more than is necessary, they let us carry it over to the next house.”

Area volunteers have raised funds to construct eight Habitat homes since 2005. Homeowners finance their houses with 0 percent interest, but must volunteer 250 hours in the construction of their own homes or other Habitat houses.

The next homeowner and the site of the ninth house have not been selected yet, said Kapreta Johnson, sponsor relations manager for Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

Donors to the Mansfield house get to choose if and when they want to volunteer to help build it, Miller said.

“We have so many slots available, about 300,” Miller said. “Once we know we have the money pledged, we’ll schedule a date in January to assign dates to volunteers and get people to participate.”