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Mouser begins major expansion

Mouser Electronics begins the first phase of $30 million expansion.
Mouser Electronics begins the first phase of $30 million expansion. News-Mirror

With business booming, Mouser Electronics is deep into a two-phase, $30 million expansion that will almost double its warehousing operation at the Mansfield headquarters.

The firm will hire at least 100 employees for each phase, raising its workforce to about 1,350 employees and further securing its place as the city’s largest private employer.

Mouser, which distributes electronic components worldwide, has been riding a growth trend the past couple of years, said Pete Shopp, Mouser’s senior vice president of business operations.

“We’re shipping more and more, and we’re also stocking more inventory than ever before,” Shopp said, adding that the current 280,000-square-foot warehouse is packed with 590,000 products for sale.

“We grew right around 30 percent in 2014,” he said. “We’re projecting a 15 percent growth this year.”

Shopp expects the first building will be completed by early fall. He said the second phase could stay on the shelf for four or five years, depending on need.

The city sweetened the expansion deal with a $650,000 grant from the Mansfield Economic Development Corp., which uses a half-cent sales tax to subsidize and offer incentives for business-related projects.

Much of the MEDC grant is funding work on drainage problems on the adjoining 20 acres that Mouser bought for the two buildings.

“They’ve been moving dirt for as far back as late summer,” said Scott Welmaker, the city’s economic development director. “There was a tremendous amount of drainage.”

Some eight months after starting the drainage work, crews are beginning to build the structure. But bad weather was a factor in the delay, costing the project 72 construction days, Shopp said.

Like most MEDC projects, the recipients of the tax gift must meet certain benchmarks for hiring and creating property value if they want to keep the money.

Mouser assured that construction of each phase would create at least $10 million of value on the property tax rolls, and that it would hire at least 200 employees.

Shopp said those thresholds would not be a challenge for Mouser. The value and the hiring “will be way more,” he said. The first construction contract alone is $14 million, not including equipment, conveyors and shelving, which he said would add about $1 million to each phase.

When both expansion projects are complete, Mouser headquarters at 1000 N. Main Street will grow to 530,000 square feet of warehouse and shipping. Adding the corporate offices bumps that figure to 680,000 square feet.

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