Mansfield News

Police rank top warrants

The list contains names of individuals being sought by the Mansfield Municipal Court of Record for outstanding Class “C” Misdemeanor warrants.

Arispe, Aaron; 20; Mansfield; two warrants for $647;

Hahn, Lyndell; 32; Mansfield; one warrant for $286;

Kutob, Nura; 33; Mansfield; one warrant for $391;

Hoffman, Jordana S.; 34; Mansfield; three warrants for $678;

Patterson, Dusty R.; 36; Mansfield; one warrant for $376;

Hampton, Kourtney N.; 20; Mansfield; one warrant for $379;

Linares, Juan C.; 31; Mansfield; three warrants for $927;

Murphy, Eric T.; 23; Mansfield; six warrants for $2,016;

Tippens, Gigi L; 45; Mansfield; one warrant for $642;

Sampert, Michael L.; 44; Mansfield; two warrants for $922.

The Mansfield Municipal Court of Record’s Ten Most Wanted is a request for information from the public on these subjects.

None should be detained, held or arrested based solely on this information, as all warrants must be confirmed through law enforcement agencies.

These subjects should be arrested only by licensed Texas Peace Officers after warrant confirmation.

If you have information on the whereabouts of these individuals, contact the Mansfield Municipal Court of Record at (817) 276-4712. Information above is accurate as of 10 a.m. Friday.