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Mansfield Water Department plans free gardening classes

The Water Utility Department has coordinated with Tarrant County Master Gardener Association to host a series of Texas SmartScape classes.

Whether you’re designing a garden for your new home or just adding a few new plants to your yard, Texas SmartScape classes can help. They give you the tools you need to plan your garden, select the right plants and care for them in a manner that saves you time and money while at the same time protecting streams and rivers and ultimately conserving our water resources.

The following is a list of the Texas SmartScape classes being held from 6-8 p.m. Thursdays in March at the Mansfield Water Treatment Plant, 707 Pleasant Ridge Court (behind Worley Middle School). All classes are free to Mansfield residents. Sign up early, seating is limited. There will be door prizes to go along with the great information.

To register, call (817) 477-2248 or email Visit for additional information and a list of plants. For questions, contact education specialist Arianne Shipley at (817) 477-2248 or

March 6: Drought Tolerant/Desert Plants

When people think of drought tolerant plants, they usually think of desert plants, cactus and rocks. Fortunately in North Texas, we have many more options than that. Come learn what native and drought tolerant plants are for North Texans and how they help you have a vibrant landscape while requiring less maintenance, saving water and keeping a thicker wallet.

March 13: Birds & Butterflies

Birds and butterflies are fun to watch in the garden, but they also play an important role in pollinating flowers, controlling pests and scattering seeds. Learn how to create your own backyard sanctuary with native plants that attract birds and butterflies.

March 20: Fix-A-Leak Class

Leaks can happen anytime and cause a serious problem if left unattended, while costing you money. Fix-A-Leak Week is a national campaign to educate residents how to fix their leaking toilets, showers, sinks and irrigation systems. Learn how simple and quick it is to make these repairs. Mansfield Lowe’s and Home Depot have partnered with us to teach Fix-A-Leak classes from 10 a.m.-noon March 22. This class is also free!

March 27: Talking Natives with a Nature Education Specialist

Would you ever make a polar bear live in your backyard? No, because they would have a hard time surviving in this climate. So why would you try to grow plants in your yard that aren’t native to this climate? Meet Mansfield’s own nature education specialist and learn how plants native to North Texas thrive in unpredictable weather conditions and provide more than a pretty bloom for animals and insects.