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Mission: Finding Mansfield

A stone marker at the cemetery in front of Cinemark.
A stone marker at the cemetery in front of Cinemark. File photo

Last year, we asked you to put your Mansfield know-how to the test, and a lot of you accepted the challenge -- and asked us to bring back the Finding Mansfield scavenger hunt this year. So we dug up a whole new list of local lore to test your brain cells.

There’s only one difference. Last year, the scavenger hunt was limited to kids and teens, but this year it’s open to anyone willing to take the challenge and go sleuthing around Mansfield.

If you’re good enough and find all the answers, you could take home a prize, courtesy of the Friends of the Mansfield Public Library, plus you might even learn something you didn’t know about your community.

Here’s what you do: Track down the answers to these clues. All of the locations are inside Mansfield, but you’re going to have to really look for some of these. Fill out the blanks, tear out this page and turn it in at the Mansfield Public Library, 104 S. Wisteria St.

Here’s the rules: Participants need to turn in this page (complete with answers!) to the library before 4 p.m. Saturday, March 14, to be eligible for a prize. At least one of the places you need to find will be closed on Saturday, so try to find it on Friday. Ready? Set? Go!

1. Head outdoors to the Oliver Nature Park, and hunt down the 1930s windmill. Write down the number of blades on the windmill. ___________

2. How much would you have paid for a gallon of gas in Mansfield in 1942? Head to the Mansfield Historical Museum and write down the price on the gas pump inside the museum. ______________

3. Mansfield is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. Head to City Hall and check out the Mansfield 125 display. When is the city’s actual birthday? _______________

4. Check out Mansfield’s least known but busiest cemetery in the parking lot in front of the Cinemark theater at the corner of U.S. 287 and FM 157. Write down the name of the cemetery, and how many people are believed to be buried there. _______________________

5. There are 30 murals in downtown Mansfield, but one of the smallest is on the back of the historic News-Mirror building. Write down what it says. __________

6. Ralph Man, one of the city’s founders, built a home at 604 W. Broad St. in 1866. His name is misspelled on the historical marker in front of his home, which the city bought in 2013. How is Man’s name spelled on the marker? ______________

7. Downtown Mansfield boasts a theater that’s almost a century old, the Farr Best Theater. Check out the historic marker in front of the theater and write down the date it opened. _____________________

8. Finally! If you’ve made it this far, track down the Reading Tree at the Mansfield Public Library. Peek inside the tree and write down the purple letter you see. ______________________

Now, turn in your completed page at the library counter and collect your prize!

Amanda Rogers, 817-473-4451

Twitter: @AmandaRogersNM