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Since age 3, Mansfield teen knew she would be an actress. Now she has big-time dreams


It wasn’t long into her life before Ella Morrow knew what she wanted to do for a career.


“When I was 1 year old my mom brought me to pageants and activities. I would run to the stage asking to be part of it,” she said. “At age 3, I packed my bags, stating I was going to go be an actress. My mom quickly found me classes, an agent, let me join dance, and try new things.”

Now 13, the Mansfield youth already has a resume’ and a connection in the world of film. She’s acted in two short films, including having a lead role in one. Her career also includes numerous regional commercials in the Minnesota area before her family moved to Texas four years ago.

In addition, she has modeled and performed live theatre. Her two short films are a western titled “Crimes of the Heart” in which she plays a dancing girl, and a horror movie named “There He Is Now.” The latter features her in a lead and has a tag line of “A creature lurks in her mind. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

“The western was super fun filming at Pine Moore Old West Studio in Blanco. It was my first time working with a 48-hour film festival crew, where they write, film, and edit a short movie in that time frame. They took time to teach me and let me work on the other side of the camera as well,” Morrow said.

“My recent horror film was my first lead role as a murderer with demons. It was a new challenge for me that I loved. The cast and crew were so much fun, even with 4 a.m. call times or filming until 1 a.m.”

Realizing how big her dream is, the family moved from Minnesota to Texas, which has been a growing force in the film industry.

“In Texas I do have a more consistent film and TV training opportunity, and Texas has more to offer in that category,” she said.

“Ella brings a great energy to the class and we love having her there,” said D’Lytha Myers, director and owner of Fort Worth Actors Studio.

Morrow was a competitive dancer for nine years. She was also recently the lead singer and played keyboards in a rock band. But her heart has always been mostly attracted to acting, so she decided to intensify her focus on that in the past year.

She is also the first in her family to go down this path. However, her family is no stranger to public attention as her mother was a runway model.

“I enjoy challenging myself to play a new character, always being someone different, and bringing that character to life, making them believable,” Morrow said.

And, she said, the best part is she gets to do what she loves.

“Ella Morrow is a wonderful actress and person whose energy always lights up the set. She is able to jump right into the fast filming process so easily and give such great performances,” producer, writer, and actor Ryan T. Johnson said. “I believe in years to come her dedication will lead her to even bigger steps in her career. So I’d keep an eye out for her because I definitely am.”

As with many entertainers, Morrow is on the road often, and she’s been from New York to Los Angeles. However, she balances her career with school, thanks largely to online classes.

“With online school, it has made it much easier. I no longer miss days to audition or film,” she said. “I can work in the car, hotel, or on set any time of the day or weekends.

“I let my mom arrange where we can be and when. My mom and I road trip so we can have our bonding time in the car. We both look forward to it and I’ve seen a lot of great sites as well.”

Morrow said she doesn’t have a favorite movie. She watches all genres, studying and always learning. Some she has particularly liked over the years have included “Sully,” “Skyscraper,” “High School Musical,” “To All The Boys I’ve Love Before,” and several Christmas movies.

She does, however, have a favorite television show, “Stranger Things.” Her favorite actor is the star of that show, another young performer, Millie Bobbie Brown.

She has not met Brown yet, but she has crossed paths with some other big names, she said.

“I’ve met several and appreciate the advice they give me. I keep a book of notes that I carry on training or on set,” she said. “Some have wrote in it for me and I will always treasure it.”

She’s also thought that perhaps one day she’d like to expand her experience to off camera.

“I love both sides of the camera and creating a vision. I enjoy writing but haven’t thought much about that yet,” she said.

In the meantime, she’s always on the lookout for the next project.

“Whatever God has planned for me. That’s the great thing about this industry, you never truly know what’s next,” she said. ”We watch for all auditions so I can grow and always be around the industry.

“I’d like to get back out to LA soon, too. My recent audition is for some voice-over work, of course another thriller. I think that’s my thing.”

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