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Mansfield tattoo artist who competed on ‘Ink Master’ dies

Clint Cummings, a prominent North Texas artist, died Friday after his battle with cancer.
Clint Cummings, a prominent North Texas artist, died Friday after his battle with cancer. Courtesy

Clint Cummings, a well-known tattoo artist in North Texas, died Friday after a battle with cancer.

“We are saddened to hear about the passing of Clint Cummings,” the official Ink Master page announced on Facebook. “The world has lost a talented artist.”

Cummings owns Sparrows Tattoo Co. in Mansfield and in 2012, was a prominent character on season 2 of Ink Master, a reality television tattoo competition, but did not win.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer earlier this year, he said with an Instagram video in February.


So, before I get started, I want you all to know that this is not a joke. This is not some stupid ploy or stunt in any way to get attention or recognition. Unfortunately it's as real as it can get. I was diagnosed January 3rd 2016. I had a lot to deal with mentally these last few weeks on wether I should come out about this. Then I remember how hard it was to hide being sick. I am not ashamed by this. I want to help others who might be. I want to be a spokesman for this. You see, cancer isn't just something old people deal with. It does not discriminate or play favorites. It strikes with very little warning. And maybe if I was better to myself I would have seen this coming. Nevertheless, here we are. I will not be tattooing much anymore considering the amount of pain and location of the tumor. However I do still need to pay the bills. So I have set up a account that you can donate anything ( and I will try to do artwork with other Inkmasters and artist from the industry to raise anything we can. I will be setting up a store soon so look for the link, and even though I can't tattoo, doesn't mean I can't draw up ideas for you guys. I will post on here just how I will get the site up & running and I hope to draw up some tattoos for you all until I can do them again. As far as my personal wellbeing goes I will be keeping tract of my journey & treatment via social media sites in hopes that it might inspire and help others out there suffering like I am. With all of your support I know I have a great chance of beating this. A very special shout out to my studio family who I can never thank enough for having my back, my brothers @curtiscarr817 @high_noon @codydresser @davyjones666 for caring for me and checking in on me. To @rusrasm and his wonderful girl Cris. For making me meals, helping me around the house and keeping company with me through out the day. And a very special thank you to my girl @pjjuijuu for sticking around when most wouldn't. You love me unconditionally, take care of me and when I beat this it will be because of your dedication to me. Your the best, and I love you for it. Thanks again. #fuckcancer

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The Dallas Observer featured Cummings as one of the best tattoo artists in Dallas in an article from 2015. In the feature, he said his dad bought him a tattoo machine when he was 15 and has been passionate about the art ever since.

Many fans, customers, friends and family, including his girlfriend, took to social media to express their reaction to the loss of a great artist.