Keller Citizen

Keller police warn residents about phone scams

After receiving many reports of phone scams in Keller and the Metroplex recently, the Keller Police Department released advice for how to detect and avoid the fraudulent phone calls.

The callers “use a variety of stories and intimidation tactics, including posing as law enforcement officers or government officials, in an effort to get their victims to send them money,” says a news release from the department.

The release lists the following tactics sometimes used by the callers:

Stating the victim has warrants for their arrest or that they owe the government money. The victim is then instructed to purchase a Green Dot Money Pack and give the caller the code number on the back. Once the caller receives the code, the money is transferred to a Green Dot card and withdrawn.

Stating the victim has a relative — most often a grandchild — in jail and giving them instructions to pay a “bondsman” for their release, either by giving them the bondman’s phone number or telling them one will be contacting them shortly. This fake bondsman will usually request a Green Dot Money pack number or credit card number.

Calling a person of foreign descent, telling them something is wrong with their Green Card or Visa status and threatening that they will be arrested in 24 hours unless they send money as instructed.

Often the victim is instructed to wire money through Western Union or Money Gram. The caller ID for these calls usually displays 000-000-0000, blocked, unknown or “Emergency.”

Police ask residents to hang up and call if in doubt. Keller police number is: 817-743-4500.