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Trophy Club welcomes new K9

Special to the Star-Telegram

Welcome to Trophy Club, Indy.

The town welcomed its new police K9 on Nov. 21 with a special event at Independence Park, Indy’s namesake. Indy’s handler, Officer Barry Sullivan, said the event and the public have been “great” with Indy.

“Indy did well transitioning from being focused and working to socializing with small children and the public,” Sullivan said. “Everywhere we go, he’s in the spotlight, like a celebrity. The residents love him and it’s a great feeling to have so much support from our community.”

Sullivan, who’s been with TCPD nearly eight years, is getting used to his first time as a K9 handler. He said he and Indy work patrol, answer service calls and train daily. Indy is on call 24/7 to search for narcotics, track suspects or lost people and aid in apprehension and officer protection.

Sullivan said Indy, who is a German shepherd, has a good balance of work and play. Indy is about 1 1/2 years old.

“He gets along well with my family and other dogs in my household,” Sullivan said. “He can be goofy at home and acts like a silly puppy, but when he puts on his ‘uniform,’ his attitude changes and he’s ready for work ... he is highly intelligent and loves to work.”

The Town Council budgeted $25,000 for a new K9 program in July. Police Chief Patrick Arata said the department needed a service dog for detecting drugs and tracking people.

"We researched the various advantages of creating a K9 Program, as well as what types of dogs would be the best choice for Trophy Club," Arata said. "The multi-trained, multi-purpose dog provides more benefits for the town and will make a great ambassador between the department and community."

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