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Timber Creek High School’s peace flags raise awareness

Art students at Timber Creek High School display flags created in “Pinky Promises for Peace.”
Art students at Timber Creek High School display flags created in “Pinky Promises for Peace.” Star-Telegram

Art students at Timber Creek High School came up with a way to involve the entire campus community in a show of respect and solidarity to victims of terror.

On Nov. 16, the Monday after the Paris attacks, art teacher Mikaela Jaros encouraged her students to use their sketchbook challenge to honor those who died. Because of the amazing responses she received, she wanted all her classes to come up with a way to share tributes with the whole school.

After some group brainstorming, Jaros and her six classes decided to use black cards to construct flags of every nation impacted by ISIS terror attacks in the past year. The pinky fingerprints of every person in the school who wanted to participate would be incorporated into the designs in “Pinky Promises for Peace.”

Art students manned a table by the cafeteria during lunches for several days that week to ask others to dip their pinkies in acrylic paint and add their fingerprints to the cards. The artists put the cards into designs of the flags of 13 countries, including Afghanistan, Turkey, France and the United States.

“I thought it was a great project because it involved all the students, teachers, custodians, front office staff, everybody,” said Carson Watzke, a junior art student.

Watzke said the flags showed respect to France and all the countries that have been bombed.

Sophomore art student Roha Khan said she appreciated seeing everyone in the school “collaborate as a community for a common goal.”

Both Khan and Watzke said the effort raised awareness among students who sometimes don’t pay attention to what is going on in the world.

More than a dozen students helped hang the flags Nov. 20 in the main corridor by the cafeteria.

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