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Ugandan children’s choir performs at Westlake Academy

The Imani Milele Children’s Choir from Uganda, Africa, performed recently in the Multipurpose Hall at Westlake Academy.

The choir, on their Hope for Uganda tour in the United States since June, is a group of orphaned and at-risk youth ages 6 to 14 who are trying to bring awareness to the many orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.

The desire to rescue the children from a life of extreme poverty, disease and lack of access to basic necessities of life and education is what compelled the founders to start Imani Milele Children Inc., organizers say.

The organization’s goal is to establish, outfit and resource permanent schools to educate and nurture future leaders that will transform Africa and the world.

Since 1989 with three orphaned children in the program, Imani Milele Children Inc. now takes care of more than 3,000 children, teenagers and youths, whose lives have greatly improved due to the provision of education, caring and life’s necessities.