Keller Citizen

Citizen survey out for Keller PD certification

Keller residents have the chance to rate their police department, voice public safety concerns and advise on ways for improvement with a citizen survey.

The survey, which the Keller Police Department conducts every three years, is a part of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies process, according to a city of Keller news release.

The survey, which was mailed in city utility bills Oct. 25 and will be mailed on Nov. 5 as well, is also available online through the Keller city website.

The survey asks residents about how safe they feel in the city, safety issues they think need to be addressed, interactions with police and how they would rate the department.

In the 2011 survey, more than 1,200 residents — about 8 percent of the 15,000 residents and businesses in Keller that received the survey with the city water bills — returned them.

About 96 percent of them said they felt very or reasonably safe walking alone at night, according to a memo from Police Chief Mark Hafner to the city manager in January 2012.

Other results showed that most of those who returned the survey rated the department highly; only 1 percent of them rated it as “poor.”

The survey results showed that “98 percent of the time we either met or exceeded expectations,” the memo said.

Some changes the department made because of the 2011 survey results, Hafner said Thursday, included increasing its social media presence “to engage the community in crime prevention dialogue” because “we saw that our citizens wanted more crime prevention strategies.”

Hafner said the 2011 survey results showed a slight increase in thefts as a reported problem.

Because of that, the Keller Police Department also created windshield “report cards” officers placed on parked vehicles “when we see that valuables have been left inside the cars.”

The initiatives stemming from the survey results “assisted us in reducing the numbers of crime over the past years, which recently gained Keller the recognition of being named the second safest community in Texas.”

The city encouraged residents to fill out the surveys and submit them before Dec. 5, which city leaders use "in setting goals and planning for the years ahead."

“It pays off to complete the survey to help us plan for the future,” Hafner said. “Who better to tell us where we need to focus our efforts than the community who we serve.”