Keller Citizen

Keller implements new traffic signal style

The first flashing yellow arrow traffic signal was recently implemented in Keller, with more expected to be installed, according to the city.

The city’s first flashing yellow arrow signal is directing traffic at the intersection of Bear Creek Parkway and Rufe Snow Drive, in front of the Moviehouse & Eatery, which is set to open Nov. 7.

Transportation experts have said the flashing yellow arrows keep drivers safer, as they use more caution than when facing the traditional green circles, according to a city of Keller news release. It said studies by the Federal Highway Administration show that the new signals "help prevent crashes and move more traffic through intersections."

According to the release, Keller drivers will see more of these "as they become the new standard nationwide."

The city expects that when the Texas Department of Transportation re-times signals along Keller Parkway, many of them will change to the new signal, as they did earlier this year in Southlake.

"Once we have the opportunity to observe how Keller drivers interact with the new signal style and how it impacts our traffice movements, I expect we’ll look at additional conversions in the future," said Matt Kite, public works director, in a prepared statement.

The yellow flashing arrow also offers traffic engineers more options to handle variable traffic conditions, and provides more opportunities for drivers to turn left during peak traffic times and at busy intersections, the release said.

"Similar to having signals switch to flash mode along Rufe Snow and North Tarrant Parkway late at night, this is just another tool to assist in keeping traffic moving," Kite said.

For more information about the new signals, contact Keller Public Works at 817-743-4080.