Keller Citizen

Roanoke library encourages summer reading

At the Roanoke Public Library, separate reading programs are available for children, teens and adults. Participants earn prizes for every five total hours they read.

Any form of reading counts, books, magazines, comics, newspapers, and even audiobooks, said Jesse Ephraim, Roanoke Library Director.

In the Children’s Program, for every five hours, a child gets a toy from a prize drawer, coupons and passes for free food and entertainment in the area, their name on a shape on the bulletin boards, a drawing slip for a $100 savings bond at a local bank and a drawing slip they can fill out to try and win one of 15 prize packages.

In the Teen and Adult programs, readers get a prize from the prize drawer and a drawing slip to try and win one of 10 packages (separate packages for teens and adults).

Through June, Ephraim said the program had almost 1,400 participants and the “summer reading programs serve a variety of important purposes.”

“Children and teens often fall behind on their reading levels when they are out of school on their summer break,” he said. “Summer reading programs help to encourage them to continue to read.”

The programs, which end Aug. 23, encourage the participants to read a wide variety of materials, exposing them to new writers and series that they can continue to enjoy during the school year.

Ephraim also stressed that the programs can be enjoyed by the entire family. “In our library it is not unusual to see an entire family - children through grandparents - enjoying the program together, “ he said.

For more information, call 817-491-2691.