Keller Citizen

Keller Boy Scout troop wants to ban plastic bags

After seeing plastic bags floating around the city several times, members of a Keller Boy Scout troop are working on plans to get the bags banned in the city.

Members of the “Troll Patrol” in Troop 32 presented their idea to City Council last month to potentially ban or tax plastic bags in Keller.

The trash bag idea plan originated by Jessie Champion, 13, patrol leader when he was looking for an Earth Day project to suggest to the group. The Earth Day project and evolved from there, said Scout Saxon Ewalt, 13.

The troop hopes to convince Council to move toward more sustainable methods such as reusable canvas bags.

Scout Nicholas Bellinger, 13, said they researched examples of cities such as Dallas and Austin that are pushing for reusable bags only.

“Grocery stores push for them, too,” Nicholas said. “We hope if we can get Keller on board then it will spread to Southlake and other cities, like a domino effect.”

The scouts think the effort would help sustainability efforts in the city as well as save animals who might choke on or get trapped in the bags.

“The sad and honest truth is that you can drive around pretty much anywhere and find bags where they shouldn’t be,” said Scout Jesse Champion, 13.

The scouts said their next step is to come up with a more solid plan and present it to Council for consideration, and get it on the agenda.

Scout Quintin Colvin, 14, said the “best-case scenario” would be that the bags are banned, but that a fine would also help the effort.

Mayor Mark Mathews said he is proud to see the efforts the patrol has made toward the project and that he believes the boys are a good example to their peers.

“Trash and recycling has evolved so much over the past 10 or 20 years,” he said. “ I think this troop is doing a great job of representing the values of the Boy Scouts and look forward to learning more from them.”

The troop leader is David Braack and Mary Bellinger is troop patrol advisor.