Keller Citizen

Letters to the editor

Endorsement for Mark Mathews

Keller is at a critical cross-road. May 10 is our chance to elect new council representatives who will listen to and support our views - not big housing developers. The incumbents have allowed at least 17 developments to be approved with densities significantly higher than the current Future Land Use Plan specifies. If this down-zoning continues, Keller will have overcrowded schools, congested roads and an infrastructure and city services that cannot support the population increase. Higher taxes and lower quality of life will follow.

Mark Mathews has the experience and passion to lead Keller in a better direction.

Mark was appointed to the Keller Zoning Board of Adjustments in 1987 and served on the Keller City Council from 1988 – 1990. Mark was instrumental in developing the first comprehensive 20-year Master Plan for Keller including zoning, land use, density, streets, parks, public land uses, water, sewer, drainage and impact fees. As a small business owner, Mark understands business development, strategic partnerships, budgeting and fiscal responsibility.

Mark shares our desire to protect the future of Keller and its low-density development plan, parks, green space and charm.

Mark also strongly believes in establishing a business friendly environment to seek out and encourage high-quality commercial development to include places to dine, shop, work and play. This is essential to correct a lopsided, 82 percent residential tax base.

I am writing to urge all Keller residents to vote for Mark Mathews as our next mayor. Keller needs him!

Andrea Marshall, Keller

A vote for Bill Hodnett

I plan to vote for Bill Hodnett for City Council.

Bill has 42 years of practical business experience and a common sense approach on how to address Keller’s issues that we face.

We currently have a majority of our council representatives that have developers in mind instead of the quality of life for the current residents of Keller. I am tired of constantly going to other cities to spend my money and really wanted to find someone that shared that vision.

When I heard Bill speak, I knew he was the one. His vision to make “Keller become a destination city for casual and fine dining” really struck home with me. He is knowledgeable of the issues and passionate about getting things done. What a great combination!

Please vote for Bill Hodnett, you'll be glad you did.

Tracy Holsten, Keller

Support for Bill Hodnett

I am pleased to offer my support for Bill Hodnett for Keller City Council Place 5.

I heard Bill speak recently and his passion for making Keller great was very evident. He spoke of the importance of the right mix of commercial and residential investments and how high density housing was a significant drain on the city’s budgets. I had no idea how many times our current City Council went against our Future Land Use Plan. I came away from this meeting convinced we have to make a change in the direction we are headed.

He also spoke about bringing in quality businesses and how this will help keeping our property taxes the same or help make them lower. His common sense approach made sense to me.

Early voting begins April 28, and that’s when I plan to vote for Bill Hodnett. If you research the issues as I did, I know you will be joining me in voting for Bill Hodnett. You will be glad you did.


Troy DePuma, Keller

Thank you, Bill

Thank you, Bill Hodnett, for stepping up to run for Keller City Council. With your extensive senior level business management and leadership skills, the citizens will gain an exceptional representative who has their best interests at heart.

Bill is not a career politician, but a pragmatic, fact based and honorable person who will make decisions that will protect our citizens while providing long term benefits to Keller, enhancing our property values, continuing low taxes while stimulating the execution of well-designed and planned residential and commercial growth, helping to transform Keller into a vibrant and healthy economic community. Bill realizes we desperately need more opportunities to "Dine, Shop, Work & Play," in Keller.

Bill will bring his strong leadership, vision and passion to do the right thing for the people of Keller, which is sorely needed. Please don't sit on the sidelines, vote for Bill Hodnett to make a real difference.


Bill Dodge, Keller City Council Member

Re-elect John Hoffmann

A community needs strong leaders. It needs people who are willing to step up, help create a vision, and guide its residents forward. Keller has such a leader in City Councilman John Hoffmann.

John served on Keller’s Planning and Zoning Commission from 2008-2011 and has served on the City Council since 2011. During that time, he has held formal leadership roles like vice chairman of the P&Z Commission and chairman of the council’s Transportation Committee. Both of those leadership appointments came from unanimous selections by his peers, and that speaks volumes about what other appointed and elected officials think of his abilities. I served with John on the Transportation Committee, and I can attest to the fair and measured way he led those proceedings – being sure to listen to everyone who participated and treat them with respect.

John also has taken on informal leadership of several key issues the council has addressed recently. He led the council’s efforts to begin a review of the Future Land Use Plan and later to increase communication with Keller residents when zoning changes are proposed near their homes. Now, as we saw at a recent council workshop, he’s stepping up to help create a vision for Old Town. Leading on important issues is just as important as leading groups of people, and Keller needs council members who can do both. That’s why I urge you to join me in re-electing John Hoffmann to Keller City Council, Place 5, on May 10.

John Baker, Keller