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Roanoke antiques event to feature expert evaluators

Have you ever wondered what that antique jewelry tucked away in a drawer might be worth?

On Feb. 22, you can find out during the Roanoke’s Unique Antiques event at the Roanoke Community Center.

Roanoke residents and their friends and families are invited to bring antique items for appraisal from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Experts will be on site to estimate the value of items such as glassware, books, jewelry, vintage clothing and more.

Stacey Lotz, manager of the Roanoke Visitor Center and Museum, will be on hand to help direct visitors to four different evaluators.

Lotz said the evaluators are generalists in the field, but will have certain categories about which they know more, such as jewelry or paintings, but will all have a broad understanding of antiques in general.

“The thing that is so amazing about the event is that not only do people get excited about hearing the dollar amount, but the icing on the cake is hearing more of the story behind the item,” Lotz said.

Visitors can also talk with the evaluators afterward about where they could go to find more information, Lotz said.

“It’s a great community event because you become a part of its history and hear not only about how it fits within your family, but about other things that make it more personal.”

General admission is $1 and appraisals are $5 per item with a three-item limit. The city asked participants not to bring furniture, coins or stamps.

For information contact Lotz at 817-491-6090.