Keller Citizen

Roanoke fire and EMS to have reduced land coverage for unincorporated areas

Though having a smaller territory to cover than in years past, Roanoke emergency personnel will continue to provide fire and EMS services to the unincorporated area predominantly north of Texas 170.

South of Texas 170, the department provides EMS services and is the secondary provider for fire responses.

City Council on Nov. 12 approved the routine inter-local agreement between Roanoke and the Tarrant County Emergency Services District No. 1 for the services, with a significant decrease in land coverage due to Fort Worth annexations.

Council received background information during the meeting with a breakdown of Fiscal Year 2012-2013 service calls for the unincorporated area which included 44 calls for service and eight fire calls.

In the city limits, 1,302 calls for service were made in 2012, down just slightly from 1,350 the previous year. The majority of calls were the 671 for EMS/resue, followed by service calls of 308. The department responded to 61 fire calls.

For continued use of services, TCESD will pay Roanoke $60,000 for fire protection, which is $20,000 less than the past fiscal year.

The city also received $18,064 for ambulance transports and invoice patients for ambulance services that are above and beyond what TCESD pays.