Keller Citizen

‘Summer is coming’ to Texas. Is the Night King as a police officer prepared for it?

When you play the game of Texas heat you either win or you melt. Or at least that’s true for the Night King.

In the newest recruitment video for the Keller Police Department, the Night King traded in his ice spear and armor for a police badge and uniform.

The former threat to the seven kingdoms of Westeros took on broken ice machines, directing traffic, and the Texas heat in the video created by Keller Public Safety to encourage potential recruits to apply.

And while dragon fire didn’t phase the leader of the white walkers a few minutes in the Texas sun did.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram video producer Candi Bolden works to create engaging video for the people of North Texas. She majored in Journalism and Communication Studies at Southern Methodist University and has worked in newsrooms in Kansas and East Texas.