Keller Citizen

Picture of health: Keller Town Center gets a facelift

In an active town, it makes sense to have a healthy Town Center.

While several business spaces below The Arthouse remain vacant, many of the newest businesses to move to Town Center Lane in Keller are focused on health, activity and/or fitness and join many other similar shops.

Knobbies & Slicks, a bike shop, moved from Colleyville to Keller Town Center in July. Sales Manager Javier Herrera said that since the move, the shop has had a “major increase” in business. He credited that to a better, more visible location, but also the town itself.

“Keller seems to be more active,” Herrera said.

A large number of community and city events, races and parks and trails is “huge” for the bike shop. Herrera said Knobbies & Slicks is currently working with the city to open a 4.8 mile mountain bike trail in the park behind Town Hall.

There’s also a sense of camaraderie in Town Center, as customers visit multiple stores in one trip and businesses refer customers to each other.

“We feed off each other,” Herrera said. “It’s constantl revolving around.”