Keller Citizen

Lady Bobcats open district with win vs. Timber Creek

The Byron Nelson softball team is off to another strong start this season in district competition, and coach Kathy Schoettle said that she is optimistic about her team’s chances.

Nelson opened up district competition with a 6-3 victory over Keller Timber Creek last week to start the district season, and Shoettle said it was a pretty good game all the way around.

“I think that both teams performed really well, considering that neither one of us has been on the dirt for practice for the last two weeks,” Schoettle said. “I think each of us missed three to four days of school, and with all of the weather issues, I think that both teams did had a good job.

“I think that combined, between the two teams, there were only three errors. Considering all that's happened, that's a pretty good ball game.”

Schoettle said that she has been especially impressed with a couple of things her team has done early on.

“They're all working hard, and really have been working hard since we first set foot on campus back in August,” Schoettle said. “They've got a good relationship on and off the field, and I think that ultimately, that helps, especially as the season goes on and on. When they get along both on and off the field, that just makes things run smoother.”

Schoettle said she did not believe her team was affected that much by realignment, which moved Nelson up to the highest classification this school year (6A).

“We've been in a tough district, I guess, the previous four years now,” Shoettle said. “Two years ago, there were five of us ranked in the top 25 in our district for three or four weeks in a row. It's similar to that. Some of the names and faces of the team have changed, but as far as the competitiveness, I think it's pretty equal.”

Schoettle said that one of the best things about her team is the selfless play she has seen to this point.

“We're just playing solid team ball,” Schoettle said. “Players are doing a very good job of getting on base and not being selfish. We're doing a good job of putting runs on the board.

Schoettle said that Nelson will play a few games over spring break in order to try to stay sharp.

“We are picking up some games over the break,” Schoettle said. “We played West Mesquite in the Mansfield tournament earlier this season, and I think the final was 12-3. I know that in a tournament team’s play in a way that they mix their rosters up.

“I think that when they come in this Thursday, we’ll see a closer game. I’m sure they’ll make some changes, but at this point, all we are trying to do is get out on the field and try play anyone who will play us.”