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Westlake sees exponential growth in daytime population

Westlake’s daytime population is almost 10 times their residential population with the help of new jobs, corporations added to the town.
Westlake’s daytime population is almost 10 times their residential population with the help of new jobs, corporations added to the town. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

It’s nothing new that the town of Westlake is booming as eateries, corporations and developers are rushing to the area to get a spot in this high-end small-town located just outside the buzzing city.

Now, with the addition of large corporations and new jobs, the town’s residential population of nearly 1,200 is almost 10 times that during the day.

“We are thrilled with the addition of these upper-echelon companies, which strengthen Westlake’s standing as a premier employment hub in the DFW Metroplex,” Town Manager Tom Brymer said in a news release. “This coupled with our growing housing market is keeping town leaders on their toes as we continue to monitor growth.”

The town’s current daytime population of 14,000 is expected to increase to over 16,000 after Sabre GLBL Inc.’s recent expansion announcement brings 500 new new jobs to the area along, with Charles Schwab’s which will add 1,200 new jobs to the area.

“We look routinely at what’s coming in the door, what’s proposed, how it will effect traffic and service demands and the community.” Assistant Town Manager Amanda DeGan said. “The plan for districts are already set, it’s simply just working with the developer to ensure the quality that the residents come to expect in Westlake.”

The growth, expansion and population increase overall have been positive for the town, DeGan said.

The small-town feel of the community has remained intact because Westlake is surrounded by strong communities, and the influx of new corporations.

“Staff is always keeping an eye on maintaining a personal relationship with our residents,” DeGan said. “We spend a lot of time out talking to our residents one-on-one and we are accessible for our residents to contact us.”

Along with exponential daytime growth, the housing developments are seeing a “dramatic increase.”

Hundreds of new homes will be built in the near future in developments such as Granada with 84 new homes, Entrada with over 300 homes, the Schwab campus with 275, and Quail Hollow with 92. Terra Bella and Vaquero are near completion and will have over 300 homes when they are finished.

Although Westlake doesn’t have a specific projected population over the next 12 months, town officials expect the residential population to increase and that by the year 2036, there will be just under 7,000 residents.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate that the developers that come in have caught the vision of the Council, and are supporting that with the type of residential developments that they’re proposing,” DeGan said

Westlake Academy is an important factor for town officials as as they consider growth, which they monitor and manage closely. DeGan said that studies are conducted in order to predict enrollment numbers and to help plan for future needs and facilities at the academy.

“Those that work here are blessed to be of service to the residents, and those that live here have made an excellent choice in where they have decided to raise their family and live their lives,” DeGan said.