‘I just would love for them to have an amazing Christmas’

Robyn was a little worried a couple of weeks before Christmas.

“I missed my appointment with the Goodfellows,” said the Fort Worth single mother of three.

However, a Goodfellow Fund official arranged for Robyn to get another chance at getting $50 J.C. Penney gift cards for Julian, 14, G’anna, 12, and Tatianna, 7. Her hopes for making sure the kids find something from Santa on Dec. 25 hinged on an untrustworthy car or being able to get a ride from someone. That’s really important this year.

“It’s crazy that both my girls still believe in Santa no matter what anyone says,” Robyn said.

Protecting that innocence is as difficult as it is essential to Robyn’s peace of mind.

“There’s never enough money for extras, only necessities,” she said. “Their birthdays are very limited. I just would love for them to have an amazing Christmas.”

Robyn lost her job about two years ago. The “rough couple of years” that followed have left a woman accustomed to helping others struggling with depression and anxiety.

But Robyn believes she can deal with her personal issues so long as her children stay healthy and safe.

“Every time I get a little forward I get shoved back a couple of steps,” she said. “My focus stays on my kids. As long as they’re taken care of, I’m OK.”

Be a jolly Goodfellow

Since 1912, the Star-Telegram’s Goodfellow Fund has provided practical gifts for schoolchildren. Join this tradition by sending a contribution to Goodfellows, Box 1870, Fort Worth, TX 76101. Or go online to and make a secure credit card donation.