Thanks to Goodfellows, grandkids ‘got what they wanted and needed’

For more information on the Star-Telegram’s annual Christmas season charity, visit
For more information on the Star-Telegram’s annual Christmas season charity, visit

Willie’s grandkids know what they’re getting for Christmas, and it doesn’t matter.

“They’ve already seen everything,” said the disabled Fort Worth woman, who’s raising three grandsons and a granddaughter.

The kids were with Willie at J.C. Penney when she used $50 gift cards that came from the Goodfellow Fund. Dashun, 12, Livingston, 8, and Hezi, 7, got pants and shirts. SaNaya, 10, got a pair of pants and a jacket.

“They got what they wanted and needed,” Willie said. “But then they wanted me to wrap them and put them under the tree. So that’s what I did.”

She’s grateful for being able to do that.

“I surely appreciate the help I got,” Willie said. “If wasn’t for Goodfellows, I wouldn’t be able to give them nothing.”

Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure prevent Willie from working. She gets support from Social Security, and a 22-year-old grandson who has a full-time job lives with her and tries to help.

The mother of two of Willie’s grandchildren was incarcerated until recently.

“She’s out now, but she’s not able to work because she had a light stroke,” Willie said. “The other two are my son’s. I don’t know where he is right now.”

Willie hopes the gifts will stay under the tree until Christmas morning. She and her sister were able to get shoes for the kids, and they’re “holding up real good for right now.” But the kids’ old clothes are getting a little tight.

“They may need the [gifts] before then,” Willie said.

Be a jolly Goodfellow

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