Fort Worth

Homeless deaths to be remembered in Fort Worth

Brandi Danley died July 20 when she was hit by a car as she tried to walk across Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie.

Chad Klopner died Aug. 17 from cancer.

Don Hart died in his sleep Nov. 1 and was buried before many of his friends knew he was gone.

The three were among 31 people in the Tarrant County homeless community who died in 2013 and will be remembered at two memorial services Wednesday.

“These are a few of the ones I knew,” said Rebecca Cox, continuum of care coordinator for the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition.

The National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day is Saturday, but services in Fort Worth will be Wednesday. Nationally services are scheduled in almost 160 cities,. Other Texas cities conducting services include Austin, Bryan-College Station, Corpus Christi, Houston and Lubbock.

“The homeless are not nameless,” Cox said. “There are people who they touched and were touched by. That’s why we do this.”

Local services are at 2 p.m. at the Salvation Army and a 6:30 p.m. candlelight service at Union Gospel Mission.

“This is a way for people to say goodbye and for the case managers to mourn people they’ve been working with for years,” Cox said. “It also brings awareness to the fact that homelessness actually shortens the life span.”

Cox said that those who will be remembered locally include: April Baird, Timothy Baker, Clarissa Butler, Brandi Danley, Bobby Brumfield, Diana Claussen, Clavin Clinkscales, Franita Connery, Christy Donnelly, Paul Francois, Roger Frick, Julie Gamez, Joe Gonzalez, Greta Grayson, Tonya Graves, Don Hart, Anthony Houston, Bruce Jackson, James Sherry, Chad Klopner, Patsy Lafferty, Todd Lowery, Kenneth Lumley, Earl Matthews, Robert Maxwell, Robert Ponder, Antia Salisbury, James Springer, Luster Stansberry, Dennis Stephens and Natalie Williams.