Fort Worth

A workplace accident puts this family on the Goodfellows list

So many folks these days are one disaster away from catastrophe. For Isabella, the disaster was a workplace accident that kept her husband from earning the larger part of their income. They barely escaped the catastrophe that would have been foreclosure on their home. Now, they just need a little help with Santa.

“This is my first year to apply for help,” said the mother of 10- and 15-year-old girls.

A couple of $50 JC Penney gift cards can make a lot of cold feelings go away, Isabella believes. This year’s $750,000 Goodfellow Fund goal is intended to serve 12,000 of Tarrant County’s school-age chidlren.

“My two girls will love buying new clothes, especially shoes,” said Isabella, who is a clerk for a public school. “They really need tennis shoes. Kids go through shoes so quickly.”

They won’t turn around their situation that quickly, but Isabella has faith that a turn is happening, and the family pocketbook will recover, just as her husband is.

“He’s doing better,” she said. “He’s doing part-time work to keep his job until he fully recovers. We’re going to be OK. We made arrangements to make-up our mortgage payments.”

Indeed, Isabella expects to be on the other side of the Goodfellow Fund next year, donating to help other folks give their kids a little Christmas.

Be a jolly Goodfellow

Since 1912, the Star-Telegram’s Goodfellow Fund has provided practical gifts for schoolchildren. Join this tradition by sending a contribution to Goodfellows, Box 1870, Fort Worth, TX 76101. Or go online to and make a secure credit card donation.