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Goodwill employee sorting donated clothing finds a live python

Goodwill employee James Murphy shows off a three-foot python found in a bin of donated clothing on Thursday.
Goodwill employee James Murphy shows off a three-foot python found in a bin of donated clothing on Thursday. Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth

While sorting through a bin of clothing donated to Goodwill on Thursday, an employee found a three-foot python that she wasn’t sure was alive, or even real.

“So she sort of shook the bin it was in, and it stuck its tongue out at her,” Goodwill spokeswoman Liz Confiliano said.

The employee, donations processor Tassy Rodgers, was frightened but not hurt.

“She was very surprised, but stayed calm and asked coworkers to come assist her,” Confiliano said.

Luckily, she had someone to turn to who knows all about handling snakes — Goodwill assistant manager James Murphy, who has experience owning pet snakes and other exotic animals, Confiliano said.

She said the snake could have come from any of Goodwill’s 38 donation centers in the Fort Worth area.

“We don’t know whether it was donated intentionally or by accident with other items,” Confiliano said.

Murphy will take care of the python until its owner is found — hopefully, Confiliano said.

She said that Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth has found animal ashes among donated items, but this is the first time it’s found a live animal.

Goodwill maintains an online “rogues gallery” of other unusual donations it has received.

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A python clings to the side of a bin used to sort donated clothing at a Goodwill center in Fort Worth. Courtesy Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth

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