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North Texas siblings to be sentenced for drug trafficking

The final members of a family that ran a drug-trafficking operation and stole from other drug dealers are set to be sentenced in federal court, according to federal court documents.

Hilberto Ibarra, 30, of Mansfield is set for sentencing in Dallas on Friday morning, and his sister, Elva Sofia Ibarra, 37, of Dallas is due in court on May 22. Fellow gang member Quinton Walker of Dallas is scheduled to be sentenced on May 15.

The group, known as the Goon Squad by federal agents, was formed to traffic in drugs, commit robberies, burglaries and other acts of violence, according to the court documents.

There were 10 members in the gang, and seven have already been sentenced to federal prison. They reached plea agreements with prosecutors earlier this year, pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. Other federal charges were dismissed.

Leaders and squad members were arrested last summer, the culmination of several months’ investigation by the FBI and Dallas police.

The squad was led by Hilberto and Cesar Ibarra, 40, of Mansfield, along with their sister, federal agents said. Elva Ibarra’s boyfriend, Lauro Reyes-Serrano, was a member of the gang and so was Cesar Ibarra’s son, Cesar Ibarra Jr., 22, of Dallas.

The gang operated from November 2011 until June 3, 2014, and was involved in cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana trafficking, federal agents said.

Federal agents had said that the squad targeted people known or believed to be drug dealers because those people were likely to possess large quantities of illegal drugs, money or weapons. And those people would not be likely to report any offenses by the gang to police, according to court documents.

Squad members performed surveillance and reconnaissance on their potential victims.

The squad even attempted to conduct surveillance on law enforcement officers they believed were investigating them by recording vehicle information and taking photographs.

Those sentenced earlier in federal court and the length of their sentences are: Cesar Ibarra, 235 months; his son Cesar Ibarra Jr. of Dallas, eight months; Reyes-Serrano of Dallas, 57 months; Nicolas Manriquez of Dallas, 87 months; Mark Anthony Nolasco of Dallas, 57 months; Victor Anderson of Dallas, 21 months; and Andres Garcia of Dallas, one year.

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