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Calling Jack White, Jack Black and Sean Hayes: The Fort Worth Zoo needs your help

New zebra foal born at Fort Worth Zoo

The baby, 60-70 pounds, is doing fine and on exhibit.
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The baby, 60-70 pounds, is doing fine and on exhibit.

The baby zebra at the Fort Worth Zoo finally has a first name: Jack.

But the zebra foal’s last name has zoo workers stumped.

As they talked about a full name for the baby, they started to wonder: Is the zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

They decided a few entertainers might be able to settle the issue for them — and determine the zebra’s full name.

So they turned to social media, tagging Jack Black, Jack White and Sean Hayes (who made the catch phrase “Just Jack” popular on the TV show “Will & Grace”) on a post asking for help.

They decided that whoever “shows up first gets to choose our Jack’s name,” the zoo posted on Facebook.

“It’s organic, it’s real,” said Alexis Wilson, zoo communications director. “We just had fun with it.”

They hope their message goes viral and reaches the stars.

And they hope at least one will come to the zoo to help decide the zebra’s name.

Jack, a Grant’s zebra foal, was born last month at the zoo to parents Henry and Roxie, weighing 60 to 70 pounds and standing about 30 inches tall. When he’s fully grown, he will weigh more than 650 pounds and be about 44 inches tall.

By Thursday morning, the zoo’s quest to find the right name for him had reached more than 51,000 people on Facebook, prompting some people to ask, “What if all the Jacks show up?”

For now, zoo workers will wait — and watch.

“Now we get to see how it unfolds,” Wilson said.

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