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Seriously, don’t let the bed bugs bite at Tarrant County courthouse!

Three chairs were infested with bed bugs at the Tarrant County Courthouse this month.
Three chairs were infested with bed bugs at the Tarrant County Courthouse this month. The Associated Press

Officials are in the midst of a campaign to exterminate bed bugs found this month at a Tarrant County courthouse.

Tarrant County officials became aware of the insects Jan. 6 when an employee of the district attorney’s office was bitten in the grand jury room on the second floor of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center.

Officials believe the bugs had been in the room for several weeks before they were discovered. Three chairs were infested, officials said Tuesday.

Those cloth chairs, as well as cloth table aprons, were thrown away. All other chairs and the carpet in the room were fine, officials said.

Workers with Pest Proof of Burleson have treated the room with liquids to exterminate the insects twice. Pest-control technicians have also treated the entire second floor and the floors above and below the grand jury room.

“We got them a special cocktail,” Tarrant County facilities director David Phillips said Tuesday.

Phillips said he could not remember having a bed-bug issue in any county building in his 26 years. Tarrant County officials manage 63 buildings.

Officials contacted the director of Tarrant County Public Health, who sent an entomologist. One bed bug was found last week, Phillips said.

The entomologist suggested placing glue strips in various areas to test for more bugs.

“We are placing the strips this week,” Phillips said.

The pest-control company will place carbon dioxide-type glue strips in the grand jury area to draw in any bugs, Phillips said Tuesday.

The company is inspecting the areas each day until Jan. 31. If no bugs are found by then, inspections will be twice a week in February.

If no bugs are found by the end of February, the company will inspect once a month for two months.

“I don’t know if we have killed each and every bed bug yet,” Phillips said in an email. “We have not found any since the single one last week.”

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