Dallas election judge posts n-word on Facebook but wants his job back

A Dallas election official was fired over racist Facebook posts.
A Dallas election official was fired over racist Facebook posts. MCT

A longtime Dallas County election judge — an appointed official who supervises polling places — has been fired over racist posts he wrote on Facebook last summer, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Randy Smith, 43, told the newspaper he felt the decision was unfair. He protested at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, but the commissioners voted against him.

In the Facebook posts, he referred to African-Americans by the n-word and said he could count the number of “good blacks” on one hand, according to the Morning News.

Below are the full posts, which Smith claimed he didn’t remember before they were displayed in court Tuesday:

  • “why do people post so much crap on n*****s when 3yrs ago I was stabbed and almost lost my life because of one, I know there some good blacks no offence to them.”
  • “i know some good blacks so i dont count them if i did it could be done on one hand”

Smith, an election judge for nearly 20 years, told the Morning News that he spent 30 days in intensive care and 27 days in rehabilitation after a black man stabbed him at a group home.

“I knew they all wasn’t bad,” he told the newspaper, when talking about black people in general.

Smith said he was angry and exercising his “constitutional right.”