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Taken at Palo Duro Ranch (JA Ranch) on Nov 29,1921.
Taken at Palo Duro Ranch (JA Ranch) on Nov 29,1921. Texas Photograph Collection

Thanks to the readers of Time Frames on Nov. 30 and our Facebook followers, we now know a lot more about this photograph of legendary rancher Charles Goodnight taken at the JA Ranch on Nov. 29, 1921.

The photograph was submitted to the Goodnight Family in America – Vol. 1, Revised Seventh Edition, by Charles G. Goodnight of Bricelyn, Minn. It shows a group of Texas Panhandle pioneers who attended an entertainment given by T.D. Hobart, then manager of the JA Ranch.

All the men are identified. Seated, from left, are Vas Stickley of Canadian; Capt. T.S. Bugbee of Clarendon; Col. Charles Goodnight of Goodnight; Capt. G.W. Arrington of Canadian; and Judge Ott H. Nelson of Amarillo. Standing, from left, are M.K. Brown of Pampa; Whitefield Carhart of Clarendon, bookkeeper for the JA Ranch; T.D. Hobart of Pampa; Henry Taylor of Clarendon; J.W. Kent of Clarendon, wagon boss, later manager of the JA Ranch; W.H. Patrick of Clarendon; and George Dunn of Clarendon.

According to the Goodnight family history, Ott Nelson brought the first Hereford cattle to the Panhandle. M.K. Brown was the only man pictured who did not come to the Panhandle before 1887. At least two of them arrived in the area in the 1870s. The photograph is said to have been printed in the Amarillo Daily News on March 4, 1925.

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