Bystanders perform CPR on small boy found in Lake Arlington

A possible drowning involving a child was reported at Bowman Springs Park.
A possible drowning involving a child was reported at Bowman Springs Park. Google Maps

Bystanders at Lake Arlington performed CPR on a young boy found face-down in the lake Sunday afternoon, but the child remained in “grave” condition Monday, police said.

Michael Hawkins, 31, said he and two others were able to get the boy breathing on his own, but that he remained non-responsive when paramedics arrived at Bowman Springs Park in the 7000 block of Poly Webb Road.

“The 4-year-old boy is still in grave condition,” said Arlington police spokesman Lt. Christopher Cook. The boy, whose name was unavailable, had gone fishing with Hawkins’ children about a half-hour before they found him face-down in the lake, Hawkins said.

“He was fishing with us for a little bit, then he took off,” Hawkins said. “I thought he went back with his family. About 30 minutes later we found him in the water.”

Hawkins said the boy’s chest started moving again after he and at least two other people performed CPR.

"He was breathing on his own before the paramedics got there," he said. "It was very shallow breathing.”

He said he went to Arlington Medical Center, where the boy was originally taken, to check on his condition. He was told the boy was flown to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. There, he said he was told the child was in stable condition but had not awakened.

Arlington police responded to a call about the incident at about 4:45 p.m., Cook said in an email. Callers reported seeing a small boy in the lake, he said.

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