Arlington Citizen-Journal

Three liquor stores get OK to open in Arlington, pending state licensing

In the months since Arlington voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of to-go liquor in November, the city has given the go-ahead to three applicants to open liquor stores, pending state licensing.

The businesses, one with the name “Thursty’s,” have been cleared to open on Southeast Parkway, East Division Street and North Collins Street if approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Package liquor stores can open in areas zoned for business, light industrial and industrial manufacturing, such as along Division Street and near main highways, including east of Texas 360 and along parts of Interstate 20. The city inspects the building before giving the applicant clearance to seek a state liquor license.

A fourth applicant received city approval but later withdrew the application. Meanwhile, the city has denied five applications because the properties — on Matlock Road, Pioneer Parkway and Green Oaks Boulevard — did not fall within the allowable zoning.

The City Council last week gave final approval to an ordinance that prevents packaged liquor from being sold within 300 feet of churches, hospitals, day care centers and schools. The ordinance also prohibits the possession of open containers and the consumption of alcohol on public streets, alleys and sidewalks within 1,000 feet of homeless shelters and substance abuse centers.

State law requires only a 100-foot setback, but Mayor Robert Cluck said that wasn’t far enough.

“We need to keep [liquor] as far away as we can from populations that are vulnerable to the effects and temptations of alcohol,” Cluck said.

Those found in violation of the ordinance can be fined up to $500.