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This city’s website has new, user-friendly look that ‘all comes together beautifully’


A new look is only part of the City of Arlington’s website makeover.

The redesigned site offers a host of new features aimed at a variety of areas, including enhancing customer service, user experience and giving citizens a better understanding all that goes with what living in what Arlington officials call The American Dream City.

“The city’s top priority for the new website was to make sure it was developed from the user’s perspective, offering a more user-friendly experience that provides a greater degree of transparency,” Arlington Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs Jay Warren said.

City officials spent 15 months working with CivicLive, a website company with an extensive history in building municipal websites.

Folks will still be able to visit and do things such as pay a water bill, apply for a permit, search for adoptable pets, or connect with city services. But now they can find new ways to become more involved in their community, such as volunteering, signing up for a parks or library program, or participating in the city’s Kindness Initiative.

Changes to the site include:

Mobile compatibility to provide the same service and high-quality experience that those who are on a tablet and smart phone would find while using a computer.

More emphasis on local news. Visitors to the home page can easily find news and feature articles, videos and the city’s social media feeds.

A “Your City at Work” dashboard, which prominently displays real-time data on city programs and service performance measures on everything from police and fire response times to how much residential recycling is collected each month.

An easy-to-find search bar and enhanced website search capabilities through Google search integration.

A new voice search option available to visitors who click the microphone icon in the search bar.

Web accessibility functions designed to meet guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Web Content Accessibilities Guidelines.

These improvements include being able to navigate through the website and online forms by keyboard as much as possible versus using a mouse, limiting colors that may be hard to distinguish by those who are color blind, and adding descriptive text tags to images, and allowing text to be easily enlarged.

“Through streamlining content, a more user-friendly design and innovative tools, we hope the new site will make it easier to find services that are important to our users,” Warren said.

Warren said staff used Google analytics to determine what pages residents and visitors go to most.

“We’re so proud of Arlington’s breathtaking new website, from the mobile-friendly flyover of the city to the locally-focused newsroom, it all comes together beautifully,” said Nate Brogan, division president, West/CivicLive.

“Working with Arlington, they continually challenged us to push boundaries beyond the traditional municipal website, culminating in an ultra-modern visitor-friendly site that truly serves their community.”

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