Keller sign featured in McDonald’s campaign

Every sign tells a story, McDonald’s says.

A McDonald’s sign — and story —from Keller is featured in its new national TV commercial as part of the fast food giant’s recent brand refresh.

The 60-second ad, “Signs,” is a slideshow of restaurant marquees and their messages, which share a theme of community or national support. Near the end of the commercial, a marquee reads, “Happy 95 Birthday Woody We Love You.”

Woody Beard, a World War II veteran and regular at the restauarant, got a special birthday present at the Keller McDonald’s, 989 Keller Parkway. Owners Chalmer and Karen McWilliams threw him his 95th birthday present at the restauarant for him and 60 friends and family members in November 2013.

Karen McWilliams called throwing the party a “pleasure” on the company’s Tumblr page.

“Celebrating his birthday milestone and his many life accomplishments with his wife, children, grandkids and all his friends was so touching and meaningful,” she said.

Getting the spot on national TV is a big deal to the local owners, and to Woody. After seeing the commercial over the weekend, Beard jokingly offered McWilliams his autograph for a $5 fee.

“We are very honored and proud” to be in the ad, McWilliams said. “When we saw it, we were ecstatic and happy for Woody and his family.”

More than a year later, Woody and his group —which gathers at the restaurant for breakfast and dominoes — “are still at it most mornings,” the Tumblr post says.

“They’re still amazing customers who bring joy to other customers and staff,” McWilliams said.