It’s August, but ‘100s are not screaming at us right now’

July was cooler than usual and August is starting out that way.

Friday morning’s low temperature was 70, which is below the Aug. 1 average of 76, and the day’s high is only expected to be 80, which is far better than last year’s 102 degrees.

“This is a beautiful respite from what we usually have,” said Lance Bucklew, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. “It’s not uncommon to have highs around 100 or 102 this time of year.”

Five 100-degree days were registered at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in July, which is one below the average, and there are no triple-digit days in the immediate forecast.

“We’re going to start to warm back up but the 100s are not screaming at us right now,” Bucklew said.

Saturday’s high is expected to be 89, increasing to 92 on Sunday and 93 on Monday.

“We’ll see mid-to-upper 90s by early next week but I don’t see 100s knocking at the door,” Bucklew said.

July was certainly pleasant compared to previous years. In the brutal summer of 2011, for example, 30 of July’s 31 days hit 100 degrees or better and the average high temperature was 101.7.

Here’s a look at July 2014, by the numbers:

83.8 - average temperature, below the normal of 85.3, and the coolest since 2007.

93.7 - average high, below the normal of 95.6.

73.9 - average low, below the normal of 75.1.

65 - record low temperatures on July 18 and 20.

.98 - amount of rain, below the average of 2..16 inches.