Winter’s coming back: Freeze forecast for Wednesday night

North Texans will need to bundle up later this week as overnight temperatures will drop below freezing.
North Texans will need to bundle up later this week as overnight temperatures will drop below freezing. Star-Telegram archives

Get ready to break out the heavy coats, mittens and ear muffs again.

After a New Year’s weekend of shorts-and-T-shirt weather with temperatures that reached 73 degrees on Monday, an Arctic blast of reality is expected to arrive Tuesday night and bring four days in the 40s or lower.

Overnight temperatures are expected to dip below freezing by Wednesday night, with the mercury falling as low as 26 degrees both Friday and Saturday nights.

“This is typical of the La Nina pattern where we have above-average temperature with punches of cold arctic air,” said Jennifer Dunn, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. “Then for a few days we’ll see temperatures go back up.”

Indeed, by Sunday, temperatures are expected to be back in the 50s, and then possibly into the upper 70s by Jan. 10.

But first, the National Weather Service expects mostly sunny skies and a high of 59 degrees on Tuesday. The front will make its way into Fort Worth mid-day, but likely won’t be felt until the overnight hours, making for a chilly Wednesday wake-up with the temperature hovering just above freezing.

Wednesday’s high is forecast for 46 degrees with partly cloudy skies, followed by a low of 28. Thursday is expected to get to about 40 degrees, with Friday potentially not escaping the 30s. Nightime temperatures are expected to dip into the mid-20s.

The good news: No significant precipitation, if any, is expected.

The incoming front won’t deliver a chill as deep as the one that came through on Dec. 17. From 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. that day, the temperature dropped 35 degrees, falling from 73 degrees to 38. The front brought single-digit wind chills and an overnight temperature of 16 degrees at DFW Airport and 15 degrees at Meacham Aiport.

While this week’s temperatures shouldn’t fall into the teens, precautions to protect against freezing temperatures must still be taken.

“With temperatures down closer to the mid-20s, especially on Thursday night/Friday morning and Friday/Saturday mornings, it is important to protect plants and sensitive pipes,” Dunn said. “Same goes for Saturday/Sunday. Really, the whole weekend, make sure to turn off auotmated sprinkler systems and it will be important to protect pipes, pets, plants and people.”