Arlington police report no evidence of crime in dachshund’s drowning

Cody the dachshund drowned accidentally in a backyard hot tub in October, Arlington police reported Thursday, saying no evidence of a crime was found and the case is closed.

The Bennett family of south Arlington contacted police after a son returned home late Oct. 19 and found Cody, the family pet of seven years, dead in the hot tub.

The family turned over to police video footage from their home security system showing what they believed to be two strangers with flashlights wandering through their back yard about the time of the dog’s death.

But after enhancing the video with the help of a Tarrant County forensic analyst and even having officers with flashlights attempt to recreate the images, Arlington police did not determine that any humans were in the yard when Cody drowned. The case was closed Nov. 8.

“After reviewing the video multiple times, the detectives didn’t see anything they could identify as a person,” police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said. “There was no evidence that a crime has occurred. The case has been closed as unfounded at this point.”

Pam Bennett, who said her family has lived in Lonesome Dove Estates near Don Misenhimer Park for 13 years, said Thursday that she still doubts that Cody accidentally fell into the hot tub and couldn’t get out.

“We had that dog for seven years. We’ve had the pool for four years. He has never, ever been near where that would have happened,” Bennett said. “I just don’t see it happening.”

Bennett said the family does not agree with Arlington investigators’ findings that the spots of light seen on the video appear to be insects flying in front of the camera, not flashlights or lights from cellphones. She said she would like officers to review the video with the family in person.

The family has been harassed since media coverage of Cody’s drowning, Bennett said. Two nights before Halloween, Bennett said, a car drove past the home and the people inside yelled, “We killed your dog!” at the family.

In addition to keeping their other dog indoors and leaving on more lights to illuminate their property, the family has installed additional security cameras, Bennett said.

This report includes material from Star-Telegram archives.